Vintage Auto Parts: Tips for Restorers and Repairers

Vintage Auto Parts: Tips for Restorers and Repairers

Are You Sure Your Boat Can Bring You Back from Your Fishing Trip?

Malena Capel

Have you finally had enough of the daily grind, as you feel that your life has been overtaken by work? If so, you may have decided to take up a brand-new hobby and one that will be passive rather than active, so you can try and restore some sanity to your home environment. You have always fancied the idea of deep sea fishing and decided to get a boat, so you can take to the high seas and disappear for a while.

All of this sounds great as it is a simple pastime with very little to learn, but unfortunately, you still need to make some decisions at the outset if you're going to equip yourself properly. Take your boat, for example; how can you make sure that it will always work correctly and, crucially, get you back to shore at the end of your stint?

You've Got to Get Back

When you cast your anchor and head out into the open water, you'll be looking for a place to switch off and "chill" for a couple of hours, as you see what you can catch. You will, of course, want your boat to crank into action again when it's time to return, and for this, you need to rely on your battery. You may think you are fully-equipped because the boat that you purchased certainly has one of these units, but is it the right type and can you rely on it?

Separate Solutions

You may not know it, but there are several different types of deep cycle batteries in the marine world, and you will probably need more than one for your activities. You certainly want to be able to turn the engine over at times, but you will need a power source to deal with many crucial accessories that will need to work when the engine is off.

Usable Power

You'll be surprised just much power these accessories can use when you are simply sitting there with your rod in hand. You may want to use a "fishfinder" and will need constant radio communication. You need to rely on your GPS system and may also want some background entertainment as you relax.


You may be able to get a dual-purpose battery that can "do everything," but they may not have as much cranking power as a stand-alone option. This is able to endure a number of deep discharge and recharge cycles versus the alternative.

Making Sure Before You Go

In this situation, get two separate batteries. One will deal with the engine and will be sure to get you back to shore at the end of your session, while the other will be dedicated to all those accessories. Therefore, to ensure that you don't ruin the whole objective of a relaxing trip onto the water, talk with your marine supplier before you go.


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