Vintage Auto Parts: Tips for Restorers and Repairers

Vintage Auto Parts: Tips for Restorers and Repairers

  • Troubleshooting Some Common Problems With a Diesel Engine

    Diesel engines are often chosen for heavy-duty trucks and other vehicles, as they offer more towing capacity that makes it easier for the engine to handle heavier loads. Diesel engines don't use a spark plug so they don't need tune-ups, but this doesn't mean you'll never have a problem with your diesel engine. Note a few troubleshooting tips for common problems you might have with a diesel engine so you know where to start looking or what to expect when you talk to your mechanic.

  • Troubleshooting malfunctioning trailer lights

    One of the most important trailer parts is the lights. Without lights, it's impossible to tow the trailer safely. The lights warn other road users about your trailer, but as the trailer also blocks the lights of your car, the entire carriage can become invisible if your trailer lights don't work. There are many different reasons why your trailer lights might be malfunctioning, but the cause depends on how they're installed, what environment you're in, and what material you're using.

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Vintage Auto Parts: Tips for Restorers and Repairers

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